There is a Flash video that explains the functions.

The GUI is as simple as it can be. Four buttons and an area for the pdf files.

To add some pdf files to the dialog click the 'add a file' button or just drag&drop a file from the explorer or a similar application onto the gui.

Startup Image 01

By selecting a file in the files area you can remove this file. The button 'remove file' will then be enabled. You can also use the keyboards 'DEL' key to remove a selected file. To remove all files at onve you can use the 'remove all' button.

Startup Image 02

Finally you can use the 'save as' button to save the pdfs merged into one single pdf. The order of the pdfs is given in the way you are adding them to the gui.

Program to merge multiple PDF files to one

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General Information

This Software is OpenSouce, this means that you may use and change the source Java files used in this project.
For the use of the Libraries iText and Java itself please see the appropriate Websites.

This Program is published under the GPL Lisence.
It uses the iText Library to create these PDF files.
You will need the Java Runtime 1.5 to run this Application.



Actual Release is 0.2.
An Installer Version is available in the Download Section.
Created with the NSIS Installer from NullSoft.



Files published before 7. May 2007 have all the same date because of the re-organisation of the projects website.

See above if the project has moved to - if so look for files there.


VersionType of fileFilenamepublished datedownloaded count
0.2 Installer PdfMerge-0.2_win32.exe 26 May 2007 15:34:20 874
0.2 Source 26 May 2007 15:33:43 696
0.1 Installer PdfMerge-0.1_win32.exe 07 May 2007 15:09:29 275
0.1 Source 07 May 2007 15:09:00 307


No changelog file.